Live.Now is proud to bring yoga to our Monument, CO center offering a full line up of yoga classes and training programs.

Have you always yearned to experience the many health benefits attributed to yoga, but never known where to begin? Or are you a master yogi already well acquainted with all the physical and mental benefits of yoga, but on the hunt for a new challenge? Either way, you are the perfect candidate for our yoga classes here at Live.Now center.

All Yoga Abilities Welcome

Nobody enters the world as an advanced yogi — we all need to learn the basics of the yoga lifestyle somewhere. There is absolutely no judgment, as each and every certified instructor understands that students must follow their own paths to yoga mastery. This spirit of calming and acceptance makes our local yoga studio an ideal setting for nervous beginners. We will guide you through the postures, breathing techniques, and meditations that are a part of each yoga class. You can do as much or as little during one of our classes are you feel comfortable doing.

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