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We are Dr’s Jake and Julie Lyhne. We believe that you deserve to live your best life now.  After more than a  decade serving hundreds of patients, we know the secret to achieving your best health. It’s not magic and the answers are easier than you may think.

It’s all in our approach to your health and healing…

We Assess YOU as a Whole and address the Foundational 5 components that directly impact the expression of health, optimized function and enhanced wellbeing.

We take a different approach than most to helping you heal and live well now.  We don’t just treat your symptoms and manage your problems.  We believe in getting to the root cause and correcting the underlying imbalance so your body can heal and you can regain your health, vitality and life.

It is through the Foundational 5 components to health that we are able to accurately determine where the imbalance or interference lies so we can then help to create a path back to restoring rebuilding and reclaiming your best health now.

Dr. Jake Lyhne

Senior year in High School, on a Friday night at a home game, my third year starting as a Varsity Center on our basketball team…one momentary incident changed the course of my life forever!

To this day I still recall the ‘thud’ sound and the immense pain in my low back as I came rocketing to the hardwood floor of our school’s gymnasium. It was one of those pains that I think you never forget.

My mom, a Registered Nurse, came down from the stands and ushered me off the court and immediately into the car on our way to the ER, confusing coaches and teammates alike. She knew something had happened to her son.

Otherwise a very active and athletic guy, with a youthful vision and dream of one day working with athletes as a Sports Physician, my experience with my own sports injury sent me into a whole other realm of healthcare than I had envisioned. But I’ll get to that in a minute…

I remember waiting in the ER waiting room at 9pm on a Friday night for more than 3 hours in immense pain and discomfort! With each passing minute the pain in my low back intensified and throbbed. To the point where I could no longer stand up straight. I was jack-knifed at the waist like a 150 year old man, and no one was there to offer help. Just my mother by my side comforting me.

It must have been close to 1am when I finally couldn’t take it. We left, with no solutions, no answers, not even a meeting with a doctor. I felt hopeless and distraught at the thought, “Is this it? Am I finished playing sports at 17 years of age?” I cried that night in my bed, fearing the worst.

The next day, my mom called the hospital to see if I could be seen by a Sports doctor. “Two weeks” was the answer she got. Two weeks!!! So, for days I hobbled around in pain, unable to sleep, to care for myself, unable to carry a backpack to school, even to bathe. I was partially crippled.

When the day arrived for me to see “THE leading Specialist” in sports-related injuries, I thought to myself, “Finally, this guy is going to fix me!” Well, to my disappointment the visit lasted less than 2 minutes. The doctor exited the room so fast my mom barely was able to grab the prescription note rifled at her. Before the door fully closed, I, otherwise VERY respectful towards not only adults but also doctors, muttered the phrase “That’s all you got!” It was as if somehow at 17 years of age I knew more than this veteran and highly acknowledged doctor did about the body. I knew there was more to this than just drugs. I received NO exam, barely a History, NO tests, NO X-Ray…nothing. Oh wait, I got a scribbled piece of paper with a prescription for pain and muscle relaxers. In other words: “Get out of my office, you’re wasting my time.”

When we came home, my dad anxiously wanted to hear how the appointment went. Not well. My dreams of becoming a Sports Physician went out the door in 2 minutes in meeting with that doctor. So, out came a videotape from the late 60’s, possibly early 70’s that my dad had somewhere in a dusty box in the attic from Denmark. It was a Chiropractor who had made a video (VHS mind you) of some simple low back strengthening exercises. My dad figured, “Hey, it can’t hurt.” I painfully complied, and after literally 30 seconds of performing one exercise, I was standing up straight. Within about 2 days, I was moving almost pain-free. By the following week, I was back at practice with my teammates!

Eyes Opened Up

From that moment on, at the young age of 17, my sights were set on becoming a CHIROPRACTOR. I had zero idea of what that meant, but I had to be a part of this profession.

For the past 12-13 years now my wife and I have been fortunate enough to have served thousands of people with the miraculous healing ability of our bodies. We have helped people with back pain, headaches, sciatica, vertigo, numbness, tingling, arthritis, improved athletic performance, and so forth. We’ve seen powerful healing transformations with babies suffering from Colic, ear-infections, and even a condition called Periodic Fever Syndrome. It’s not to say I cure these conditions. We simply remove the neurological interference that potentially is causing dys-function in the body, thus allowing your body to function better or more optimally.

Our focus in practice has always been to locate the root cause of the problem, not just patch it up with medications. Is there a time and place for meds? Of course! But many times with the right course of action and dedication, the body will surprise us in how readily it is to heal naturally.

I have gone from severe debilitating low back pain to now in my forties running marathons and even Ultra Marathons. Our focus is on helping you achieve your goals in life, not simply treat a symptom.

If nutritional advice is what you seek, great! If correcting a spinal issues causing you discomfort and pain and keeping you from running your race, great! We want to work with you to reach those goals in a natural and safe manner.

Dr. Julie

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Chiropractic at a young age. My mom started taking me to her Chiropractor when I was in high school. There was nothing wrong, she just wanted me to be as healthy as I could be. After high school I went to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and studied Animal Science. I originally wanted to be a Veterinarian. Whenever I came home to visit, my mom would take me to the Chiropractor, Dr. Mindy. Every time I went in, she would tell me that I would make a great Chiropractor. She seemed to have so much fun in her office and had a great relationship with all her patients. As I got close to graduating I began to think that she might be right. After graduating I applied for a position in her office because for years I had been benefitting from getting regular adjustments, however I wasn’t really sure why I felt so great. And to my excitement they hired me. I got to work with her for 2 years before starting Chiropractic school. It was great for me to see not only how to run a Chiropractic office, but to see how many different things that Chiropractic helped with. We would of course see the traditional back pain and neck pain patients, but what was eye-opening for me to see were all the families and babies and kids always flooding the office. The more time I spent in that office, the more I realized that Chiropractic was a lifestyle rather than a pain-reliever. People were coming to our office to stay Well, and we saw it on a daily basis!

After Chiropractic school my husband (who I met in school) and I started in practice together. We built an incredible Wellness practice full of families and children that now too were coming in to stay Well, rather than wait until a problem arose.

We were 12 years into practice when I decided that it was time to give back to the profession. I took a faculty position at Life Chiropractic College West in the bay area, CA. The same college that I had attended.  I really enjoyed working and learning from my peers, but my favorite part was working with the young students getting ready to graduate. Their enthusiasm for Chiropractic and its possibilities is refreshing and rejuvenating.

One thing I learned from seeing all their x-rays is that my spine doesn’t look 40. I attribute that to all the wonderful Chiropractic care I have received starting with Dr. Mindy and continuing with Dr. Jake 😊

Our next chapter has begun with our move to Colorado. I have fallen in love with this community and look forward to helping in any way that I can. My hope is that all young children and athletes are introduced to Chiropractic at an early age so they too can have a healthy spine and nervous system later in life, just like me.

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