No More Asthma, No More Anxiety, Just Life!

russ1Since childhood I have suffered from asthma and allergies. I was also hard on my body by being active in sports such as golf, and wrestling. These Bad Conditions continued on to a “desk job” which led to pain in my upper and lower back; causing me to be irritable and short fused all the time. Paired with a poor diet my energy levels were plummeting!

My asthma, allergies, and now insomnia and anxiety were all things I was battling. I was seeking medical attention from various doctors who prescribed: Lexapro for anxiety, Amitriptylene for insomnia, Allegra for my allergies and hay fever, Albuterol and Singulair for asthma, and Advil/ Aleve for pain. My body was in need of Chiropractic, I just didn’t know it. Which is why I was trying to “manipulate” my own spine, 3-5 times/day!

Dr. Jake and Dr. Julie stood out from any other doctor I had been to from the day I met them!

They believe in promoting total body health by fixing Subluxations to allow the nervous system to function normally; allowing the body to heal itself! They prove it works by sharing their personal lifestyles with patients everyday. “I consult Drs. Jake and Julie now before calling my other health professionals! That’s how much I believe in Chiropractic.

Starting Chiropractic at such a young age has truly saved my life! Believe in the natural right we all have as human beings to be happy and healthy. Give Chiropractic the opportunity to release the natural healing power you already have within you!

Thank YOU!

– Russ M.

No More Twisting My Neck…No More Pain…Only Vitality!

ryan1After numerous sporting injuries throughout the years playing various sports like soccer and volleyball, my neck became very painful. At one point I could not even move my neck from side to side.The pain in my neck would cause me to self adjust myself regularly during the day. You might have practiced this kind of manipulation on yourself which can be very harmful. The neck is forced from side to side until hearing a loud “popping” noise or audible. I would self manipulate my neck various times throughout the day but the pain would always be there. I figured that I just had a “bad” neck and I should learn how to deal with it.

I also loved to dance and if I danced for a long period of time my back was start to hurt. And after another injury from playing soccer I just knew I needed to see a specialist about my neck and back, the pain was getting to the point that I could not function to my full potential. I remembered in college that helped me with a volleyball injury I had, so I decided to Google chiropractors in the Danville Area. After calling a few places and having no luck finding a chiropractor that stood out to me, I called one more place.. And it was Live Now Center Back! I felt at ease and that they cared about me. I came in and had a full evaluation and once the examinations were done to my surprise, my neck had a -22 degree curve!  This meant that my neck which was supposed to be a healthy +35-45 degree curve was turned in the other direction! This curve in my neck I learned affected my posture and body. I knew that I needed this care, that if I wanted a pain-free, subluxated-free life this was the office and choice I needed to make for me.

I now can say I am pain-free and no longer force my neck from side to side.“If you educate your mind on your spine and how subluxations prevent you from being healthy, you will realize as I did that daily and proper adjustments by a chiropractor make for better health and a wonderful pain-free lifestyle- I also don’t get sick anymore when I feel the sniffles coming I get my atlas adjusted and I am GREAT!”

– Ryan M.

No Restless Leg or Arm Pain/Numbness!

judy1When I first came to see Dr. Jake I was suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome, a 25-year old bad back, neck stiffness and mid-back pain (I couldn’t move my arm). I had numbness down my arms, and at one point my low back pain was so bad I actually had to crawl across the floor to reach my coffee! I have seen a variety of doctors for my back pain with no real results.

I was having trouble walking, as well as some of my hobbies that I have enjoyed for years like making jewelry.

Advil had become a daily thing for me for the Restless Leg Syndrome, however it made little to no difference.

Initially after my first adjustments I was feeling less energy, then after about a week my energy levels shot through the roof! And in addition to that, the Restless Leg problems went away and I no longer rely on Advil to get me through my day!!!

I would suggest that everybody try Chiropractic…do it and do it on a regular basis! It helps keep the body aligned which is very important for over-all health, and it worked well for me, it just might do the same for you.

– Judy W.

5 years of no sleep, constant headaches, and pills…Chiropractic saved my life!!!

joyce1I am a retiree, who suffered from head aches for 5 years. I like to read, sew and garden in my free time. I also take care of my husband.

Before Chiropractic care I had pounding headaches that were frequent; which led to meningitis. I was taking Vioxx that was prescribed by my medical doctor, which he admitted down the road that “Vioxx was the culprit” to my migraines in the first place.

With my symptoms I was seeing about 10 different medical doctors to help treat my condition. They all prescribed medication and I was recommended to take Verapamil.

I was only sleeping 2-3 hours a night for 5 years!

One month after chiropractic care I was able to sleep 7 hours a night!

I am amazed at the results I have gained with my adjustments and can finally sleep! I also have more energy and can garden more!

The Chiropractors have definitely helped me! And I hope you let them help you too!

– Joyce

No More Headaches or Neck Pain at 92 years of age!

almona1My name is Almona and I have taken care of children all my life. I love to be around kids and still go and help out with a third grade class at Ygnacio Valley School. I have an apple tree in my yard and love to make homemade apple sauce. I also enjoy sitting down with a good crossword or doing the Decoda Quote out of the newspaper. I am almost 92 years of age and still have an immense vitality for life. However, this was not always the case.

For over 40 years I have struggled with neck pain. I used a walker every time I needed to stand up and needed help walking a lot of the time. I could no longer do housework and being a widow living alone did not help my situation. I was miserable.

I went to numerous doctors and was finally prescribed Vicodin for the pain. As I began taking it my pain was not subsiding so I was taking more and more until I developed an addiction. I have also had problems trying to maintain my blood pressure for which I was prescribed Metoprolol, as well as an anti-inflammatory for my fibromyalgia.

“I have had an amazing experience in Dr. Jake and Dr. Julie’s office!”

I arrive to the warm girls at the front desk, who have a wonderful positive energy when I chat with them. Since I have been coming to this office I no longer take Vicodin or Metoprolol. My blood pressure is at normal levels 90% of the time and my walker sits lonely and unused in the garage?! I can get in and out of a chair with no troubles and can even mop the floor! I am moving around like I think a 92 year old should! … or a 29 year old!! ?

When people speak of chiropractic I say, “Go for it! You Bet!!” Oh, and one more thing, I have not had a headache in over 2 years!

Thanks For Helping Me Live My Life Better,

– Almona D.

ATV Accident/ Paralysis/ Migraine Headaches

Seven years ago I had an accident riding an ATV. I was not wearing a helmet and landed on my head.

Shortly after I felt as if I was paralyzed. I had no feeling on my body. Since then I’ve experienced constant tingling in my brain and five months before starting treatment with Dr. Lyhne, I started having constant headaches. I have seen 4 different doctors for my headaches and all have diagnosed my problems as “tension headaches.” They all tried masking my problems with Advil and Excedrin Migraine.

The tingling on my brain made my ability to concentrate a huge struggle. My headaches would hinder my ability to complete any task and would last all day till I took drugs or sleep. I was uncertain whether Chiropractic was going to help my problems but I was shocked and surprised when the tingling that I have been experiencing for the past 7 years disappeared after just a single adjustment with Dr. Lyhne.

After just 10 days of care, I haven’t had a single headache for over 3 months!!!

You must see Dr. Lyhne and he will deliver positive results! Thank you for giving me my life back!

– Jeremy I.

No More Low Back Pain

Dr. Lyhne was different from my childhood and other chiropractors. No one else had suggested long-term follow up visits. It all made sense! They were only interested in minimizing the pain, without taking the time to correct the problem!

Dr Lyhne was a knowledgeable, well-spoken man who took time to explain how he was going to treat me as his patient. He informed me that my spinal column had taken many years to accumulate loads of problems. Saving my spine would take TIME. After a sample treatment, I was hooked! I made an appointment to come back the very next day!”

Now, each time I am in the office I feel better than the last! For the first time in a long time, I can feel my back relax with very little pain! At the age of 81, after having suffered periodic discomfort (or worse) for all those many years, I feel I have AT LAST found the answer. The person who knows the exact way and method to make my life really livable for the first time! Bless Dr. Lyhne. When I met him I knew I’d found the answer to my prayers for a normal life. I was right. He was right.

It’s been several months since the process began and I honestly feel the treatment is ‘doing it’! Each time my eldest son (age 55) sees me now, he says, “Gee, Mom, every time I see you, you look taller and straighter!”

I am looking forward to living the rest of my life pain-free!

– Cappy

No More Low Back Pain/ Menstrual Cramps/ Neck Pain

As long as I can remember, I have had lower back pain. Being on my feet as little as an hour would put me in so much pain, I would have to sit. By the end of the day, even laying down would cause me a lot of pain.

It felt like all the pressure was focused on my lower back. I also suffered from extremely painful cramps that were debilitating.

I didn’t know what to do about the back pain so I lived with it and took over the counter pain killers when needed. My cramps were too unbearable so I took vicodin and muscles relaxers for it. They were the only thing that helped as they knocked me out and temporarily relieved the pain. Doctors never did anything for me, other than telling me to take Ibuprofen which did absolutely nothing to relieve the pain. Because of this problem I missed so many days of work.

I found Dr. Jake & Dr. Julie unexpectedly. they were so nice and welcoming I decided to give it a try. I had tried everything else up until that point!

After receiving an X-Ray by Dr. Jake, he study them and reviewed them with me and my husband and showed us the correlation between my menstrual cramps and my lower back and how my compressed disc played a major part in not only the pain, but the menstrual issues as well.

After a few adjustments my cramps were gone and my neck and shoulders aren’t sore like they used to be. I sleep a lot better too.

I love to ride bikes, hike, go for walks, swim, etc…  Having lower back pain limited the amount of time I would spend hiking and walking or just being on my feet.

My biggest improvement is no longer having cramps. It only took a handful of adjustments!

I would recommend Chiropractic and Dr. Jake to everyone!  I didn’t realized how much of a positive impact it would have on me and my body until after I received my adjustments. Now it will be a part of my life forever!!!!!

– Danielle W.

No More Arm Pain/Tingling. I Can Lay On My Back Again!

Before starting care with Dr. Julie and Dr. Jake, I was diagnosed with a ruptured disc and a bulging disc in my neck. I was told I had a bone spur and advanced degeneration. The medical doctors recommended that I have my degenerating discs replaced with brand new metal ones!

I could not lay down flat on my back, I had burning sensations down my arm, and a seriously limited range of motion in my neck. Over the years, for the pain I tried traction physical therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxers and even had ultra sounds. Nothing worked!

My initial exam found degeneration in my neck and upper back. I also had lower back issues. Dr. Jake suggested I come in three times a week for adjustments. In the past I had had chiropractic care, but only a sporadic visit during a crisis. I committed to my care plan and went in regularly. Since my treatment began I have noticed a steady growth in my range of motion and I no longer have pain in my arm. Plus, I can finally lie flat!

My husband and daughter both get adjusted regularly as well! My whole family is thriving thanks to Dr. Julie & Dr. Jake!

Chiropractic has allowed me to enjoy my hobbies pain-free. I love to work out and have noticed I now can do movements I never would have attempted before, for fear of the pain they might cause! Overall, I am more active now than ever before!!!

My experience with Dr. Jake and Dr. Julie has been amazing. Now, I see Chiropractic as a part of my daily lifestyle, which I fully embrace in an attempt to be as healthy as possible from the inside out!

– Erin E.

No More Cane, No More Loss of Leg Strength!

I have been under Chiropractic care for much of my life and have enjoyed its benefits including being prescription and over-the-counter drug free all my life.

Last year I suddenly found my self falling down hard.  One minute I am standing and a half second later I am lying on the ground.  I went to a local, well known medical group, and after the usual physical exam, MRI, CAT scan and neurological tests the doctor’s solution was to write a letter allowing me to obtain a handicapped placard for my car.

Enter Dr. Lyhne, who took an additional x-ray, reviewed my MRI and devised an intensive corrective care plan to get to the root cause of my problem. Due to the severe loss of my strength in my left leg, Dr. Lyhne saw me almost every single day for 6 weeks. It WORKED!!

To make a long story short I recently presented my walking cane to Dr. Lyhne as an affirmation of my progress and I am now well down the road to complete recovery.

I have always said that if your problem is one that needs chiropractic care, nothing else will work.  I would encourage you to give Dr. Lyhne a chance to address your health care needs.

– Bob

Chiropractic Saved My Life!

Hello! My name is Shalina. I had the great honor and privilege to work for Dr. Jake and Dr. Julie. However, I was blessed to not only be an employee, but also a patient of theirs. Let me tell you my story…

When I came to them, I was in terrible shape. Doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me- they called it “chronic fatigue syndrome” or “fibromyalgia,” the truth was, they had no idea how to fix me! I was getting Migraines every week.

Ever had a migraine? It feels like someone is shoving poles down your legs, draining all the energy out of you, and your neck feels like a scalding hot poker is driving through it, straight out of your eyes. Not a pretty picture is it? I use to call into work sick a lot, because after one of these “episodes” I couldn’t function for a few days. You’d think an employer wouldn’t put up with that- but Dr. Jake and Dr. Julie were different. They adjusted me everyday, sometimes twice a day, for FIVE MONTHS! After this time, I finally started acting and feeling like a normal 24 year old. I wasn’t tired anymore! My whole body was no longer aching! I could sleep at night! And best of all, I was off all those hideous drugs that medical doctors had put me on. After going through all this, I realized how precious these doctors are. So I worked even harder for them. I DECIDED TO TELL EVERYONE I COULD ABOUT THE MIRACLE OF CHIROPRACTIC, BECAUSE IT SAVED MY LIFE!!!

I met some of the greatest people in this office- the patients, and along with Dr. Jake and Dr. Julie, I was able to help spread the word to as many people as I could reach. So whether or not this is your first time here, know that you are in the right place. Never stop getting your adjustments, never stop your care in here, because this is the place where dis-ease is really cured- this is the miracle that doctors talk about- and it’s right here in front of you. And if you’re one of those people who don’t know if they “believe in chiropractic” then you should know this- saying that is like saying you don’t believe that the sun will rise tomorrow. It is a scientific certainty that it will. And sure as the sun will ruse, Chiropractic will save another life. You’ve been given the gift of health, the real question now is, how many lives do you want to help save?

– Shalina S.

Severe Low Back Pain/Numbness

In the fall of 2006, my daughter Kim and her husband-to-be, Russ referred me to see Dr. Jake. I had severe low back pain with radiating numbness down my left leg, moderate neck pain that would give me numbness down my left arm. All the discomfort and pain that I was experiencing started 35 years before when in college I was a painter and painted houses.

Over the years I went to various MDs, Orthopedists, Neurologists and Physical Therapists and they would give me medication for the pain but THE PAIN ALWAYS CAME BACK!  The medicine only masked my pain for awhile until again the pain would come back even stronger than before. When my daughter referred me to the office, Dr. Jake did a very thorough exam and took a set of full spine X-rays. The X-RAYS spoke for themselves!

I was subluxated and the pain would not go away until my subluxations were adjusted properly. I knew I needed this care BUT wanted to wait until I could afford the treatment plan. However, almost a year later in July my “L5” Disc became herniated and I knew I had to make a choice. I couldn’t even walk 100 feet before I had to sit down for 20 minutes to ease the nerve pain I was continually having.  My treatment for care had to be started immediately the pain in the lower back was so horrific.

And I wish I would have started this sooner!

On a scale from 0-10 the pain I was at the time was 10 when I started treatment. Now I am proud to say I am a 2 and I will never go back to that 10! I am improving each and every single day! I walk my dogs two whole miles everyday! Now as a retired MEDICAL FRAUD INVESTIGATOR, which when I worked as one I would threaten and question unreasonable and excessive medical treatments and never saw the need past the allowed amount I thought was reasonable at the time. This has changed my life; I have a totally different opinion on how much care is needed and consider reasonable… I wish I knew the information I know NOW! This treatment plan and the care that I have received since I started coming to Live Now Center has help me tremendously! I don’t even want to image my life without Chiropractic Care.

I am living proof that your treatment plan works! MY LIFE has changed for the better! Thank You Dr. Jake!!!

– Ted W.

Letter from a Patient To Dr. Lyhne

Dr. Lyhne,

Mere words cannot describe the overall feeling of wellness I feel now that I have completed the Chiropractic Corrective Care plan you designed for me.

When I came to you in October of last year the despair that I felt was overwhelming. I was of the mind set, that my physical condition would worsen daily and there was nothing that I could do to stop it. I felt I was destined to be burden to my family.

With your patience, education, and your overall care, I now know that I have found the answer for a better and more productive existence. Which as you know includes sneezing and yawning (Tom had not sneezed or yawned in almost 6 years). Thank you for giving me my life back Dr. Lyhne.

You don’t need me to tell you that your work is important and necessary for those of us that require enlightenment, but you do need to hear from someone that was on the brink, that you do make a difference. It heals the body and the soul. Again, Thank you.

– Tom L.

Headaches…GONE! Low Back Stress…GONE! Poor Posture… No More!

When Dr. Lyhne showed me my X-Rays, I was in a state of disbelief. “No way that’s me!” I remember thinking to myself.

After the initial shock wore off everything started to make sense;the head aches, the discomfort of me trying to look over my left shoulder, the sleepless nights and my bad posture. Can you say “SUBLUXATED”??

The headaches are now gone, the stress in my lower back has disappeared, and I no longer worry about my poor posture. Thank You!

– Jim D.

No More Pain, No More Depression! I Love Life Again!!!

I was having severe pain in my neck, arm and upper back when my brother told me about Dr. Jake; a chiropractor treating him. As a family referral I was able to come in for a special x-ray and consultation to see if Chiropractic could help.

“I had been on workers comp for 3 years for the pain I was having in my shoulder”

I had many different doctors telling me I had a “bad problem, pinched nerve, tennis elbow and old age.”As a Kaiser member I was told all I could do was get drugs and shots for the pain; which is what I got. Nothing was helping me in the long run and the pain came back stronger and stronger.

“I was becoming depressed because of the pain”

I and was not an easy person to work with. As a clerk for the Alameda County, I could hardly move my arm with out pain. At night I would hurt so bad; I was not sleeping well. I also do desktop publishing and I could not work on the computer with the severity of my pain. The pain got so bad in my arm I started shaking uncontrollably and now I was becoming scared. I had my appointment with Dr. Jake and…

“after my first week of adjustments my pain subsided by 50%!”

I would go home and fall asleep and have a restful night. Now that I have less pain I have more energy, my family and friends can tell and see the difference in how I feel too. I have shared Chiropractic with all of my friends and anyone that suffers with pain in the neck, arm, and back area. If you are on medication and taking shots to manage the pain you should know just how important it is to talk with a Chiropractor; preferably Dr. Jake and be evaluated today.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Mabel

Not sidelined by Back Pain…Golf Handicap down 10+ points!

“I ruptured the disc between L4 and L5 when I was in my 20’s. Since then I have had many treatments, including: laminectomy, chymopapain injections, steroid injections, physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, traction, muscle relaxers, and ibuprofen. All of the treatments provided TEMPORARY relief, at best!”

“The first time I came to the office, I was with my wife. I planned to sit in on her consultation with NO intention of seeking any treatment for myself. After listening to Dr. Jake explain the possible benefits, I reluctantly signed up even though I DID NOT BELIEVE THAT I WAS HURT!”

“Since I had tried chiropractic before, I saw little or nothing new. What was new? The possibility of NOT being flat on the floor for a week or so after enjoying one of my favorite hobbies, which include golfing 2 days a week and motorcycle riding. In the past, chiropractic was the treatment that I found to be most effective for me during flair ups. But at this time I did not think I had any pain.”

“After about 3 months of treatment, I was sitting in my car when I realized to my total surprise that this was what it actually felt like to be PAIN-FREE! In the following 3 months I lost 10 strokes off of my handicap and don’t need to lie down after playing golf. Additionally, I have won 3 major Blackhawk Tournaments and my handicap continues to fall as I hit the ball farther each month, and WITHOUT PAIN.”

“This is the best thing I have ever done to improve the quality of my life. I had tried chiropractic years before but without a plan. So when I felt better, I quit, never really knowing pain free living.”

“I simply cannot believe how much pain I had learned to tolerate in my daily life! Thanks Dr. Jake, you are the best!”

– Wayne E.

I was very skeptical at first glance of this office. I thought I was getting the usual chiropractic sale pitch. I saw my x-rays and proof was in the pudding that my former chiropractor was just remedying my symptoms and doing no sort of corrections. I saw that I was going to get a “correction” plan that would definitely set me back…. BUT then go Dr. Lyhne’s adjustment… and I drastically change any reservations I had. I signed up immediately and have seen drastic improvements in my energy, sleep, range of motion and my tennis game has never been better. Two thumbs up for Dr. Lyhne and his fantastic staff.

– Brian M.

I came to Dr. Lyhne with serious headaches brought on by exercise. My regular physician and tests at the hospital could find nothing that could be causing the headaches. Dr. Lyhne was able to see a possible cause in the condition of my spine and after a few adjustments, the headaches were gone. I’m also seeing improvements in other areas, like my upper back flexibility and my posture overall.

– Don G.

Sara–In the few short weeks that I have been receiving treatment, my body has transformed a remarkable amount. My back pain had left me mobilized and discouraged to push what my body could do physically. I can proudly say that Dr. Jake and Dr. Julie have brought me back to life! I am happier and healthier than I have been in years, and I am eternally grateful for that.

Amanda – I woke up in the morning with so much neck pain that I was in tears. I found the first chiropractor in town that would see me right away, and luckily that was Dr. Lyhne! I am so glad that he took x-rays because although the neck pain was new, it apparently stemmed from childhood injuries. If I hadn’t begun chiropractic treatment now, I might have had some major issues down the road. It feels really good to be taking care of myself while I am still young.

Jessica – After almost 6 years of chronic pain in my right shoulder I am feeling relief. I have a much better range of motion and I am not in Pain all day. It is wonderful.

Samer — I came in with severe back and hip pain. It was difficult to stand for any extended period of time. I am 2-3 weeks through therapy and noticed some improvement. Dr. Lyhne is very professional and explained things to me very well. I feel very comfortable being under his care.

Jay — After my friend referred be to Dr. Lyhne, I decided to give it a try. Much to my surprise I have, in the brief, time benefited from my visits. I am sold and have told all by friends who have back related issues to check out chiropractic.